What Is The Ab Plank Exercise?

I continue to evangelize about the miracles of the ab plank, a straightforward, easy to execute anywhere, yet effective exercise that works my stomach and core muscles better, in my opinion, than any sit-up or crunch variance. What is the ab-plank exercise? Most middle-age men fitness warriors know of the abdominal plank exercise therefore the following description is for individuals who do not.

There are several variations of the abdominal plank exercise, however the one I’ll describe is the standard garden variety ab plank exercise. Begin on to the floor face down, relaxing on your forearms with your hands flat on to the floor. Push off the ground, raising onto your feet and resting on your elbows up. Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels, like a wooden plank.

Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominal muscles to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air. This exercise works all my abdominal and core muscles and eventually works my back muscles as time goes on. I prefer an individual set for a maximum hold time. My best work is a 5:01 collection but I can’t do this now.

This allows all that is in your pouch to drain through to the lower tummy. Therefore your pouch is bare when you take in allowing the food to fill up you up properly. Throughout your meal you want to forgo all beverages. This is one of the hardest habits to break. Drinking during your meal simply flushes the food through your band and the band struggles to function properly.

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For most of us we will have 2, three or four 4 glasses of a beverage with our foods even. Servers in restaurants, trained to keep us happy, will keep our beverage full throughout our meal. You must not drink for an hour after a meal also. The main reason is the same as drinking throughout your meal.

Liquids wash the food through the music group defeating its purpose. Suffice it to state that fluids and food making a return visit are not satisfying. Start practicing this new behavior today. Start at your next meal. This will get you prior to the game and help your success instrumentally. Smaller Bites. More Chewing. If you watch most Americans eat, including myself pre-band, we don’t chew our food, heck we taste it.

In my case a huge bite, 4 cursory chews, and down it went. The next matter you need to begin getting your mind around and training is just what a Bandster Bite being. At the next meal take a look at your bite size. Go through the amount of food on your fork and remember it. Now, cut that bite in half. This is your bite size after surgery.

Now, cut that bite in half. This is actually the size of your bite after your first fill up or modification. Each fill your bite size will get smaller until each bit is really as if for a toddler. The reason for this is therefore the bite can be chewed completely to a liquid before swallowing.