Quick Tips: Caffeine In Skin-Care Products

Cheryl Karcher, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. Because of this, she says, it’s possible that applying caffeine-enhanced products to problem areas may temporarily reduce bloating and contribute to the looks of, say, a tighter stomach, skinnier thighs, or less puffy under-eye circles. However, Karcher cautions, these creams will not permanently reduce cellulite or even thigh circumference, and any noticeable changes one does see will tend to be very minimal. Caffeine has antioxidant properties also, and, in animal studies, has been proven to protect skin cells from cancer caused by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Interestingly, a 2012 Harvard University study also found that people who drink at least three cups of caffeinated coffee daily have a lesser risk of epidermis cancer than those who drink less than one cup a month. Perhaps the best use for caffeine in skin-care products is to reduce dark, puffy circles under the optical eye. If you have genetically thin skin, underlying arteries may show through as purplish blue markings — particularly when your own body’s under a lot of stress from insomnia. How come coffee and a nap better then either alone? Could caffeine trigger my migraines?

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