Mother-of-the-bride Hates Her Daughter’s Dream Wedding Gown

A bride who knew just what kind of dress she wanted to walk down the aisle in received a battle on her behalf hands when her mother disagreed with her selection of dress. Cassie Connor, 28, from Stockport, said she had always dreamed of wearing a big princess style wedding dress on her behalf wedding day. But her mother, Zoe, said she would rather see her daughter in a figure-hugging fishtail style – and said your choice should be hers since she and Cassie’s father had offered to shell out the dough.

I don’t want to see Cassie in a huge meringue style dress, I don’t believe it will suit her,’ Zoe said as mother and daughter were filmed dress shopping on TLC show Say Yes INTO THE Dress UK. She added: ‘If I do not like the design of the dress I will be very opinionated. The (future) queen of style! Share Cassie’s parents possessed reserve £2,000 towards her dress and when the princess and mom browsed the rails at Confetti and Lace in Essex, Cassie immediately witnessed a dress she adored – and ruled out one her mother liked.

She said she required a complete skirted dress for when she ties the knot with her spouse of eight years, Andrew Roylance, year at a plantation house in Barcelona next. Zoe said of her daughter’s wedding: ‘If she chose this dress I’d be devastated. Everyone is planning on me to wear something installed and mermaid style so I want to do something different. I want to appear to be a princess. I don’t want to be sexy on a regular basis.

I want the fairytale, big,’ she said. Undeterred by her mother’s misgivings on whether such a dress would suit her, the makeup artist tried over a strapless Ian Stewart dress with a price label of £2,225 with a major layered skirt embellished with bouquets. But her mom disagreed. I am not just a fan.

I can’t stand it,’ she said. She further when Cassie had left the area to improve: ‘If she selected this dress I would be devastated. Cassie tested out on a fishtail wedding dress to please her mom but while Zoe adored it, it was hated by her. Cassie then tried on the fishtail dress to appease her mother – who thought it looked wonderful.

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She said of the Dando London wedding dress worthy of £1,679: ‘I love this dress! She appears amazing. This is the dress! But Cassie said she didn’t like the dress and hoped she could ‘gain her mom around’ to a princess dress. This led to Cassie trying over a other dress as suggested by Princess Diana’s wedding dress custom made David Emanuel, who advises brides on the show.

The £1,752 Madam Burcu dress had a huge skirt but cinches in at the stomach to show off Cassie’s thin figure. Despite the huge skirt, Zoe was convinced and decided to choose the dress for her little princess. Cassie was delighted she had won her mother over and got her dream dress.

I love this it, it is so fairytale and intimate. This is what I wanted and I am really happy with my mum likes it,’ she gushed. David said being able to help Cassie ‘say yes to the dress’ was one of is own trickiest challenges yet thanks to mother and little princess not seeing attention to eyesight. He said: ‘I am not happy when a bride-to-be and her mum go head to head but it is the bride’s day so they will stick to their guns.