Project Face Makeup

Oh, how I LOVE skin care. I love every serum, moisturizer, vision cream, and lotion/potion I put on my face. Just like when I sit down to do my makeup in the morning, taking off my makeup at night is almost therapeutic. I am always so eager to try new things, while at the same time scared to avoid using things that I know work for my skin.

I hope you get a chance to check out my video where I show you every one of the thirteen steps to my skincare routine. Be sure to check out the links below if you want to try the products out for yourself! Step one 1: MAC Cleanse Off Oil: This is actually the best cleanse off oil I’ve found for my skin. It really works great to get all of my eye makeup off (even my BROWS) without departing a filmy residue behind.

Nothing fancy, or frilly, but it gets all the rest of the makeup from my face without departing me feeling tight like so many cleansers tend to do. Step three 3: Sephora Waterproof Makeup Remover: Without a doubt my favorite all time makeup remover for my eyes makeup. Step 4: Kate Sommerville Exfolikate: Ahhh, “Hollywood’s 2-Minute Facial “really is such luxury product that produces leads to such a little amount of time. It is a chemical substance/physical exfoliant that I can only recommend for hard skin really. When you have sensitive skin, I’d start out with the gentle version.

Step 5: Shave my face! These clippers are used by me shown in the picture above. They are gentle and don’t be capable of actually cut you, therefore I much prefer these to a straight razor. And no ladies, the locks will not develop back fuller. I have already been shaving for a long time now, which is still the blonde peach fuzz it began as.

Step 6: Andalou Naturals Toner: That is fairly new to my regimen, and I am still getting used to the squirt container but so far so good. Toner is the step I really worry minimal about. Unless you are a using an acid toner, I don’t know how much it actually does other than balance the skin and get any remaining dirt off of the skin. Step 7: Kate Sommerville DermalQuench Liquid Lifts Advanced Wrinkle Treatment: As you might have observed in the video, this is a nifty little dispenser and a formula I’ve not come across before.

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It sure feels nice on your skin, but I haven’t used it long enough to determine if it actually does anything for my skin. But I’d be lying if I didn’t think this was all it’s cracked up to be and more, and worth it. YES, I said SUPPLE. I really don’t know any words to describe it. Step 10: Lumene Bright Now 360 Eye Treatment: This is something VERY recent to my routine, over yesterday as I simply hauled it a little.

I love how this is made to continue your lid as well. I far am enjoying it so, but I’ll say, I don’t suggest this each day, at least on your lid. It leaves somewhat of a flaky film that is absolutely no fun under makeup. Step 11: Kate Sommerville Oil Free Moisturizer: That is an OK moisturizer. It really is super-light, therefore I can’t recommend it for my dried-out skin friends, but I can simply use it in the summer.

I am not sure that it has any anti-aging benefits other than moisture, therefore far, I am not blown out of the drinking water to warrant the price enough. I will keep you up to date in my empties videos. Step 12: Acute Marula Oil: Oh how I love a good facial oil. That one is very light and really sinks into your skin fast. One of my subscribers reminded me about something I should have mentioned when I hauled this. It really is in an obvious container which isn’t the best for stabilization; if you are able to put in a darker pot, great; but at least, store in a cool, dark, and dry place. I mean, real love! It can take a month or two to see a total result, however when it sometimes appears by you, it is a large result. I’ll try and be without this gem never.