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Known to numerous as, “Ms. Cindy,” Cindy Tawiah is the inventor and owner of the Diva By Cindy Locke care system and its philanthropic initiatives, The Diva Project. Inspired by a chemistry teacher, at age sixteen, Cindy began tinkering with making beauty products. Her love of chemistry never still left her, and in 2007, Cindy created the Diva By Cindy Locke care product line. To creating the Diva By Cindy hair treatment system Prior, Cindy worked as a registered nurse for 13 years. Her bedside manner transcended the original medical field and became the impetus on her behalf entrepreneurial initiatives. Cindy is passionate about women and providing their whole being, and it shows through her outreach.

Cindy created Diva By Cindy products to enrich and inspire women giving them an excellent product that changes their lives by preventing the hair from losing and breaking and stimulates healthy hair regrowth. Ultimately, Cindy seeks to heal, bring back, and change women. A proven way she achieves this objective is through The Diva Project.

Launched in 2004, The Diva Project offers women suffering from home violence a day of beauty and healing. Sales from Cindy’s hair maintenance systems support her outreach. Truly, Diva By Cindy is a product with center! Cindy lives by six guiding concepts: Prayer, Passion, Perseverance, Persistence, Presence, and Positivity! Deb Bailey: Welcome to the Secrets of Success blog, Cindy! How do you begin as a business owner?

Cindy Tawiah: Thanks, Deb. WHILE I was 16 years of age, my chemistry teacher taught me steps to make nail Polish and lipstick because I used to be failing his course. He influenced me, parental pressure steered me towards a lifetime career in the medical field. I felt I never belonged there and after 13years still left to follow my enthusiasm. I opened a COSMETIC SALON and developed my hair maintenance systems. Deb: Are there any “lessons learned” from your experiences?

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Cindy: Yes, everyone you hire should be hard as one does. And pay attention to people’s activities. Deb: Who are your ideal clients? Cindy: Women Who experience haircare challenges. Deb: They sound like amazing products. So, is it possible to share some of the successes and difficulties you’ve met while building your business? Cindy: Diva By Cindy not provides women with excellent locks care products but also supports homeless women and victims of domestic violence hosting beauty makeover days and providing them with empowerment seminars.

That is one of the things I am most proud about. Having the ability to change lives in the lives of over 450 women. I am pleased to God for opening those doorways. My challenges: Finding individuals who will continue to work with integrity and sincerity. Deb: What inspires you to do the task you decide to do?

Cindy: My interest is women and beauty my purpose is to encourage and empower and heal women and girls who are damaged and abused. They are my motivation and motivation. I love hearing from women you utilize our products that my journey inspired them to improve. We love hearing about the locks transformation stories but are even more delighted when we hear about the life-span transformational ones. Deb: That’s great, Cindy.