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3. Publicly disclose the company’s data retention insurance policies. This category honours companies that disclose how long they maintain data about their users that isn’t accessible to the user-specifically including logs of users’ IP addresses and deleted content-in an application accessible to police. If the retention period may vary for specialized or other reasons, the business must disclose that reality and should post an approximate average or typical range, along with an top bound, if any.

We awarded this superstar to any business that discloses its plan to the public-even if that plan is one which EFF highly disagrees with, for example, if the business discloses it keeps data about its users forever. 4. Disclose the amount of times governments seek removing consumer content or accounts and exactly how usually the company complies.

Transparency reports are now industry standard procedures. 5. Pro-user general public policies: opposing backdoors. Year Every, we devote one category to a public plan position of a ongoing company. For 3 years, we acknowledged companies working publicly to update and reform the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Last year, we observed companies who opposed mass monitoring publicly.

This season, given the reinvigorated argument over encryption, we are asking companies to have a open public position against the compelled addition of deliberate security weaknesses or other compelled back again doors. This may be in a blog post, in a transparency survey, by putting your signature on a coalition letter publicly, or though another open public, formal, written format.

  • Enter into new business associate agreements as necessary, given the conclusions reached above
  • Management information systems (MIS) consultant
  • The value of Feedback and Self-Reflection
  • Quick implementation time and easily scaled
  • Increasing the Tax Base

We expect this category to keep to evolve, so that people can track industry players across a range of important personal privacy issues. Unfortunately, not all companies are embodying such forward-thinking procedures. Two major telecoms-Verizon and AT&T-received especially poor results, thus continuing a trend we identified in prior reports where many large telecom providers neglect to keep pace with all of those other tech sector. Notably, some companies that act as Internet providers and general telecommunications providers are at the forefront in adopting strong procedures in defense of user rights. In particular, CREDO and Sonic received credit in every category EFF rates again. Comcast is close behind, earning an extraordinary 3 out of 4 possible stars.

We wish other telecoms can rise to these requirements in the coming years. We added three new companies to the year’s report: reddit, Slack, and WhatsApp. All three were attentive to conversations with EFF, and reddit and Slack have fulfilled many of the requirements to earn superstars, though neither received credit in every available categories. Despite being given a full yr to prepare for its inclusion in the survey, WhatsApp didn’t fare so well. WhatsApp earned credit for its mother or father company Facebook’s general public policy position opposing nothing and backdoors else.