PopAds Review 2019 – PopAds True Review Updated ~ Ad Networks Reviews Tutorial

It was started in 2010 as a specific pop-under advertising network now it is becoming one of the very most popular pop-under ad network. The good cause of its recognition is the quality of service it provides to its users. PopAds provides industry’s highest CPM rates, quicker payments, very fast and responsive support, liberal conditions, and best of all high quality content driven advertisements that increase conversion rate, and hence increase your earnings too.

PopAds uses CPM model to pay its publishers. It not only offers high CPM rates but it also provides 100% fills up rate. Since, PopAds is an extremely popular pop-under advertising network, so, it has lots of worldwide advertisers. This high level of worldwide advertisers let PopAds provide high CPM rates and 100% fill up rate to publishers.

On PopAds, you can also set your pop-under regularity to best suit your website’s interests. PopAds is one of the quickest-paying ad network, so, you are absolved to cash-out your earnings anytime. You can arrange your account on auto-withdrawal setting for automatic payments even. Another good thing about this ad network is, it accepts all kind of websites including adult content websites.

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So, even if you have an adult content website then you can simply monetize it with PopAds. This is actually the overview of PopAds, so, let’s have a deeper look of this network to learn all of its features, cons, and pros. Though getting approval is simple on PopAds, but it reviews every single website before approving them. For easy approval please ensure that your website is at least a month old and have at least 20-30 articles on it. Their review process is quick.

They usually review all websites within a day of distribution but it might take up to 48 hours because of the high level of publisher applications. In my case they had taken only 2 hours to approve my website. Usually PopAds offers high CPM rates however the rates are completely dynamic and depend on many factors like: visitor’s country, even day of the week and time of the day your website quality and niche and. PopAds uses bidding system which ensures all publishers get the highest possible rates for their inventory.

Also, since it is one of the most popular pop-under ad network, so, it offers plenty of worldwide marketers which further ensure higher rates and high-quality content and country-structured ads. For me personally, PopAds rates are greater than any pop-under ad network. Since, it is a specialized pop under advertising network, so, it offers only pop-under advertisements as a solution to publishers they can show on their websites to make money. However, you can choose the kind of pop advertisements to be shown on your website. PopAds offers a very good stats reporting system where you can see the detailed stats of your ads.