18 For 1.1 Grams?

Note: I purchased the products with store credit gained through my Glossier affiliate hyperlink. I am not a Glossier be (rather than will be), and these opinions are my own entirely. After some dithering (must I trust Glossier’s claims when their first revamp flopped so hard?), I ordered two new Gen Gs: Jam, a shiny plum that I’d owned in the first-generation method, and Zip, a new-to-me orange-red. I’ve now attempted two shades from each one of the three decades: Jam and Cake from the first, Luke and Leo from the second, and Jam and Zip from the third.

Generation G hasn’t been the best Glossier product, but I liked the Jam and Cake enough to use them up completely (it helped that these were tiny and I needed to reapply them many times each day). For my full assessment of the first-generation Gen G formula, check your blog posts I’ve linked above.

The tl; a version is that the formulation was good: it faded quickly, that was only to be expected, but it offered an easy, attractive matte tint impact without blow drying my lip area. However, the scale and price were shameful. 18 for 1.1 grams? That’s about 1/3 the size of a normal full-size lipstick!

And the bullets of both Jam and Cake popped out of their pipes within a couple weeks, so I had to be extra-careful when removing the caps, lest the lipsticks fly onto the ground and get a dust bath. I had been less pleased with the second-generation formula. The first big change was the smell. The earliest era have been essentially scentless, with just the faintest hint of clay. The reworked Gen G smelled and tasted like cooking oil that had been used to fry donuts and then left in the pan all day long.

The formulation didn’t feel “more gliding and sleek,” either: if anything, it felt more drying. And, of course, there was the issue of the fragile product packaging. And now here we are two years later. A lot has happened in those two years. We are all more exhausted and cynical. The bubble of influencer hype is close to popping, if it hasn’t popped already.

As a culture, we are–I think, I hope–more hesitant to trust brands who become our friends. Can we talk about how exactly Glossier’s Instagram bio now details the company as “a people-powered beauty ecosystem”? At the same time, I cannot deny that Glossier has released some killer makeup this season.

Lidstar is the rare eye shadow that can endure Jersey summer humidity; Lash Slick is my new holy grail mascara;, and I’ve been wearing Cloud Paint in Storm almost every day since August. So, while I didn’t fully believe the buzz about the new Gen G, I had been more willing to believe than I would have been at this time last calendar year.

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The most dramatic change, of course, is to the packaging. Glossier has finally coughed up a few extra cents per device and introduced metal to the tube. I’m still not deeply in love with the Gen G aesthetic: the new pipe looks a bit MLM-y, a bit Beautycounteresque (though that could be my own bias against the Glossier new program). But I cannot deny these tubes are more advanced than their predecessors.

18 lipsticks, not like manufacturer prototypes or Sephora examples. There is also been a size increase of 50%, from 2 to 3 3 grams. Accordingly, the new bullets are wider, that I wish prevents the damage that bedeviled the second and first years. A 3rd big change: the fragrance. For Generation 3, Glossier added a solid rose scent it doesn’t quite cover the state-cooking-oil funk.

I hardly ever like floral scents in makeup, and this one is no exception. The good news is it dissipates about ten minutes after the software, but I’m still disappointed that it’s there. The new Gen Gs appear to be the most pigmented of the three generations. My old Jam got even near to opaque never, no matter how many levels I swiped on. My new Jam delivers a good (though still sheer) amount of color after just one swipe.