10 Important Points About LASER TREATMENT

Fed up with unwanted hair on your body? If you haven’t considered laser treatment in Mumbai because you have no or little knowledge about it, then these tips can provide you the info you wish. 1. Laser hair removal is not appropriate for each type of skin and hair.

The most effective results may be generated for folks with light colour epidermis and dark coarse locks. This process attacks pigmented cells, and does not give great results on white, red, blonde, or gray hair. 2. The commonest areas of the body for laser hair removal are the lips, hands and underarms, bikini line, upper body, back and legs.

It takes much longer, and it is costlier for larger body areas in comparison to smaller areas. 3. After considering the area, hair and skin color, it generally requires 6 to 10 sessions to get rid of the unwanted hair completely around. 4. A couple of any side ramifications of laser hair removal in Mumbai hardly.

The most common would be that the treated area could become somewhat sore and swollen for two hours after the treatment. In some cases, lightening or darkening of your skin might take place. 5. Ensure that you do some analysis before going through this treatment simply. Visit the most expert and qualified laser treatment physician and ensure that the medical center is licensed.

Consult the surgeon, so that you get a better idea about the expertise and knowledge of the surgeon. 6. An in depth and thorough discussion will be achieved by the expert cosmetic surgeon and it shall cover your medical record. The surgeon shall take a look at the area from where you want your hair removed. An extremely tiny patch on your skin could be treated to see how you react to the treatment.

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7. Before this treatment, you might need to ensure that you follow the recommendation of the surgeon. This recommendation can suggest things to avoid like sun beds, sunbathing and fake tan, bleaching, or waxing your skin. 8. It works whenever a light beam is handed down through the skin directly to the hair follicles.

The growth of hair stops as the follicles are broken by heat of the laser. It generally requires numerous periods eliminate all unwanted hair because locks have many growth phases completely. 9. Before this treatment, the region is cleaned from where the hair is meant to be removed fully. A single session of the treatment takes around a quarter-hour to 1 1 hour. 10. After this treatment, you should avoid things like body perfumes, deodorants, steam saunas, makeup for at least 3 to seven days to avoid any irritation or infections. Consult best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for more information.

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