Full Video: President Trump Speaks At Social Media Summit At White House

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Thank you. Thanks very much. Thank you. Please, sit down. I want to thanks all for being right here. Very particular day, a very important day. I guess might be extra-vital, proper? But I need to thank you and it is a terrific–it is a terrific day to be collectively and should you look you’re in a very well-known place. So I am thrilled to welcome you here and we are all working very onerous and I do not if you know however we just hit 27,000 on the Dow, that is the highest in the historical past. We are up a couple of hundred factors right this moment.

The best in history for these of you that like the stock market. 72 p.c and 67 % and the wife or the husband whoever is accountable to the other one says you’re a genius, you’re an awesome financial investor. Darling you are up 77 % this yr. So lots of excellent things occur.

A lot of persons are completely happy and I believe actually everybody is completely satisfied, some people just aren’t willing to admit it. Does that make sense? So it is a historic day. Never before have so many online journalist and influencers and that is precisely what you’re, you are journalists and you might be influencers come together on this building to discuss the future of social media.

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Each of you is fulfilling a significant position in our nation. You are difficult the media gatekeepers in the company sensors to bring the information straight to the American folks and that is what you’re doing. You have been going proper to the people probably we wouldn’t be right here proper now. I asked somebody what do you assume I would do without social media? Would I be here as a result of me said I feel so however they weren’t so certain.

I have to say that you know that. I’m not sure I consider that however I have to say it. But you talk directly with our residents without having to undergo the fake information filter, very simple. Together you attain more people than any TV, broadcast community by far, not even close.

We are delighted to be joined at the summit by someone you already know very effectively, our senior advisor for digital strategy and anyone that has been working for me for a long time, for a few years, Dan Scavino. Stand up. So long earlier than we had been even doing this he was at a club, working a club and different companies and he was okay at doing it, not the greatest. I wouldn’t say the best, but you know what he was nice at, he was always looking at his or display screen.