My Experience After 3 Years On Ubuntu

3 years and some odd months ago, I made my first plunge into Linux once i install Gutsy Gibbon. This was also called Ubuntu 7.10. After reading up on this striking new distro, I decided to end my relationship with Windows and begin anew with Linux(Ubuntu). Much like any relation, there’s bound to be road bumps.

My experience with Ubuntu was not perfect. Actually, I’ve acquired my fair share of problems. From xorg crashing to reinstalling grub. WHILE I began using Linux, I reminded myself to stay objective. I remaining Windows because I put issues with it but anticipating things to be perfect on Ubuntu is foolish and can lead to disappointment.

Lets discuss the pros and negatives of Linux. Before I start, I wish to inform you that I am a consumer and not a fan son. Also, this is my very own opinion from my own experience. Since the positive got me in the door, we’ll start with that.

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The very first thing I really like about Ubuntu to this day is its amazing message. Canonical, the ongoing company behind Ubuntu, says that Ubuntu suggest ‘humanity to others.’ I believe this is the core power of Ubuntu. Its name is also its spirit and objective. This is probably one of the main reasons why it’s become so popular. Not only does it certainly makes you feel good but it offers you a sense of community also.

This philosophy can be a repeating message throughout this informative article. The next thing I cherished about Ubuntu is its theme. This is a polarizing subject matter. Some interpersonal people loved the orange and brownish look, while others hated it. Personally, It had been liked by me! It had an “organic” feel that I hadn’t seen before. Plus, I adored the Gutsy “Elephant” wallpaper. The styles have shifted throughout the years and while I still like them, Gutsy still has a special place in my own center.

Virus, trojans, and malware. After setting up Ubuntu, I observed things ran much quicker than Windows. I highly believe it was due to malware/trojan/ trojans, anti-virus software running in the background, or both. Not requiring an anti-virus was a strange but liberating experience. I used to be so used to having an anti-virus that it was ingrained in me.