How To Do Basic REST API Implementation In Lazarus (with Weather API Example)

REST APIs are “the thing” to learn nowadays. But how should we get it to work on Lazarus? Does the portrayed term API ring any bell? If it generally does not, it means Application Programming Interface. When you have an ongoing service that you want to allow people to access, then you will need a “standard” way to send or get the data. We need a typical so that everyone comes after the standard and requests the data same manner and gets the same result.

This “standard” is called API. Think about it as a bridge between you and the service. As you might know, Windows comes with an API. Windows API is very common. You can control many aspects of Windows with the API (for example, hiding the taskbar, make some window transparent etc.) Similarly there are APIs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a great many other popular services. These APIs allow people like us to talk to the assistance and send various commands.

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For example, a command can be sent by us from our app to post a photo to Facebook. This real way we can automate things and customize how we want the service to work. REST API is simply a fancy name for a URL based API service. With REST API we send instructions to a service through URLs. When we access these URLs, the program on the server will then process the URL and the information within the URL then give you some results.

It is incredibly easy and a great option for a straightforward API implementation to allow usage of data. Any basic language, even JavaScript (popular script vocabulary used in websites) can obtain data and process the results just fine. So everyone loves it these days. You can attempt an escape API interface right now. The URL is basically asking for 1 wallpaper that is random. You shall see many data in the result. If you are on Chrome or Chrome based browser, you will see a plain text output.

On the above-mentioned screenshot you will notice some “url” beliefs. The first “url” value is the wallpaper URL. You shall find a web link to an image file. Copy the link and open it. You shall find a random wallpaper. So, the functional system is working. REST API setup for us, which is giving us data when we access special URLs. There are many other APIs such as this.

This API is public, but there is other REST APIs which requires indication ups and API Keys complete with the URL so the server can identify any misuse of the service. But basics are the same. But how do I find this special URL? Every REST API has documents stating that URL structure you need to use with the ongoing service. Everytime you will need to implement an escape API searching on the internet for this reference for the API you want to implement.

Also, we’ve covered some of the basic things needed for REST API. So don’t get worried, we have you covered for nearly everything for REST API. Create a new Application project (Project – New Project – Application – OK). Save the task with Document – Save All Now, in a folder for the project.

Now draw a button, TListBox, and a TMemo on the proper execution. Explanation: We are just using a test REST API website. We are in need of REST API implementation to perform some tests rarely. Some good person has setup a dummy REST API website so that we can test our REST API implementation.

We’ll use that for this test project. It will be seen by you has returned some test dummy on the code so that people can work with it. It returned some dummy code entries. I have highlighted the individual information with Cyan and Yellow color above so that you can guess where in fact the individual information is. Inside our above code, we are getting output from the above mentioned URL and and keeping it inside listitemsjson variable.