A Model’s Diary: July 2019

Even though this website ‘s been around for a while I still come into contact with new aspiring models that tend to ask questions I’ve virtually memorized the answers to. To make things easier on myself and the ones looking for answers, I made a decision to do a basic FAQ post. Q: MAY I model? A: I don’t know, can you? A lot more information is needed, such as your actual age, elevation, weight, and measurements (bust, waist, hips for the suit and young ladies/women, shirt, waistline, and pants for men).

Q: Where should I start? A: Do your homework. Uncover what kind of modeling you qualify for–your elevation is an instant way to find this out. Ladies: 5′ 5″ -5′ 7″ means commercial/printing, 5′ 8″ -6′ 0″ means fashion/runway/editorial/plus size. Men: 5’9″-6’2″ means fashion/runway/editorial. Sure, that isn’t practical, but again this is what the modeling industry has set–it is not supposed to reflect the “reality” that everyday folks reside in.

If you consider more, evaluate whether it might be a healthy move–never jeopardize your wellbeing just to fit into the industry. It is more about measurements than how much you weigh in any case. Q: What exactly are the perfect measurements for a female model? A: The standard is 34-24-34 (that is bust, waist, and sides in ins).

You can be smaller but no bigger than one inch in virtually any of these areas. That is because you will not be able to fit the test sizes designers make. It is easier to take in a clothing item than to include more to it. This is simply about practicality. Q: Do I need professional modeling pictures and a portfolio to get signed to a company?

A: No. If you’re a fresh model, agencies shall 9 times out of 10 require no professional digital photos. Snapshots tell more about your potential as a model than retouching, perfected professional images. Once you get signed, the company shall set up your first test capture, which will be the basics of your portfolio. After you begin working you’ll be able to update your profile with more photos.

Models that already are employed in the industry have the ability to use their professional images when submitting to a new company but may still be asked for snapshots. If you are a new model and have professional images, the company will consider them but may also ask for snapshots as well still.

Q: What is a casting call? A: Also known as “open up casting phone calls” this is an event where anyone can come into the agency and be examined by the personnel without making a scheduled appointment. Most organizations established their casting telephone calls during certain hours and days of the week. For example, an agency may only have casting calls on the first Monday of each month from 12pm – 1pm or they may have open calls every Wednesday from 2pm – 3pm. It really is first come, first served.

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