Reasons Why YOU MUSTN’T Download Music Illegally

It’s easy to download music illegally and difficult to get caught. By some estimations, 4 out of every 5 digital music downloads are illegal. Many people who never even think about stealing a physical object such as a shirt haven’t any problem stealing digital content like music, movies, and books.

Many people who think it might be ethically wrong to take from a store may have no moral problems stealing digital content. There are even people who do think unlawful downloading is unethical, but they do it in any case because it’s just very easy. 12.5 billion per season. I’m not sure what this number is dependant on.

If it is the amount of illegally downloaded songs, then I think it’s inflated. A record label only experiences a loss when a person who could have bought a music downloads it illegally instead. Many people download hundreds of tracks. But if they had to buy their music actually, they would probably only buy a small fraction of those songs. Maybe it’s old-fashioned but easily can’t afford something, I do without it until I can.

I put lots of time and effort into creating online content. I wouldn’t want people stealing from me, therefore I don’t grab from performers and music artists and all the other folks who are involved with making the music I enjoy. I do agree that music costs too much and that labels need to find ways to provide it for less. 1.29 for music.

Offering music for less may likely create more honest music purchasers. Still, the fact that professionals are corrupt doesn’t justify stealing for me personally because they’re hardly ever the ones who actually get harm. And we may also hurt ourselves as well. Making high quality recorded music is expensive. If companies and musicians can’t make money selling music, they have little motivation to spend the money had a need to make it. It’s people who are buying music or paying subscriptions for streaming services who are responsible for the continued existence of recorded music. Take them away and documented music will largely disappear completely unless close to free-ways are found to make it.

I’ve read a lot of justifications for stealing rather than buying music. In the old days, performers made money by executing live. Music artists should simply do this – why make CDs then or produce music for download instead. Many people want to take pleasure from high-quality music on iPods and stereos. Do you consider it’s ok to download music illegally? Musicians and singers are wealthy.

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Why should we give them more money? Many music artists only make enough money to get by. For the few that are rich, they’ve still created something. If we want it, it’s only right to pay for it. I’m sure my doctor is quite well off. I don’t expect her to provide free treatment simply because she is. She wouldn’t be well off for lengthy if she does. Those wealthy performers are also employers. Many ordinary people are influenced by them because of their jobs. Rich professionals make most of the money anyway – while this holds true, that it is true Atlanta divorce attorney’s business.

When you get a shirt, executives have a nice slice from the income. The individuals who get hurt the most aren’t the wealthy. By some quotes, illegal downloads have cost more than 70,000 people’s careers. I’m sure many others are making smaller incomes. A complete lot of individuals are needed to make music from singers, musicians, manufacturers, and sound designers to secretaries, marketing staff and janitors.

Everyone needs to get paid. Everyone should become an indie musician and sell directly to the public rather than dealing with labels – many performers are doing this and making money. But if they produce CDs or digital content, it could be stolen still. While it’s hard to get caught, it’s not impossible and the fines are stiff for individuals who are.

The fines can be from thousands to thousands of dollars. Tracking software is currently available that can catch the IP addresses of people engaging in unlawful downloads. So, it’s actually getting simpler to get caught. Many people are now getting fines in the mail. Most pay up because they can not afford to challenge the fines. Sign in or sign up and post utilizing HubPages Network accounts. 0 of 8192 people usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked.