TFIN50 U2L3 Bank Accounts

You will get an launch to the get better at records of loan company accounts. The business desires to create a new house bank or investment company with the name Savings Bank. They open a merchant account at the new bank with the account number 111111 and want to reflect this in the machine. Banks that your business uses are thought as house banking institutions.

You create house banking institutions in Customizing plus they contain bank expert data, information for electronic payment transactions, lender accounts per house standard bank, and general ledger accounts per bank-account. 0, Country-Specific Transfer of Bank Data. The drive with the lender directory can be acquired in one of the country’s bank organizations. The lender website directory should be updated regularly. Customers that use the lockbox function can create a batch input session that automatically updates customer banking information in the master record.

When you get into lender details in the customer and vendor get good at record, you can access banks already created in the bank website directory. Then you simply enter the lender country and the bank key; the name and address of the bank are decided automatically. In the customer/vendor master record, the field “Bank Type” can be used to distinguish between different banks.

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When digesting invoices, if the customer/seller has several bank, a standard bank can be chosen by an individual by using the matchcode in the partner bank field. Each bank account is reflected in the SAP ERP system by a mixture of house bank ID and account ID. This mixture is got into in a G/L account that represents the lender account in the overall ledger. You need to determine bank or investment company accounts that are handled at the house banking institutions also. The accounts can be determined by an account ID which is unique per house bank.

The bank-account data provides the amount of the account at your bank, the accounts money, and the relevant G/L accounts. For every bank-account, a G/L accounts must be created. This G/L account is assigned to the lender accounts and vice versa. Both accounts need to have the same account currency.

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