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Eighty feet below the streets of lower Manhattan, a Federal Reserve vault shielded by equipped guards contains about 6,200 a great deal of yellow metal. But “no one at all can make sure the gold is actually there except Fed employees with gain access to,” said Ronan Manly, a precious-metals analyst at yellow metal seller BullionStar in Singapore.

Mr. Manly is among precious metal aficionados who wonder if the bank is concealing something in what it’s hiding. Other theorists suspect the gold under the NY Fed’s head office at 33 Liberty St. may be gold-plated fakes. Some conspiracy-minded investors think the Given has been leasing out the silver to manipulate prices secretly.

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John Embry, an investment strategist for Sprott Asset Management in Toronto until 2014 who once managed its gold fund. Fed action, said Mr. Embry. The Fed declined to comment. It’s been secretive about the material of the vault and in the past has said it can’t comment on individual customer accounts due to confidentiality contracts. Seeking a much better glimpse inside the vault and at Fed procedures and records, The Wall Street Journal filed Freedom-of-Information requests with the brand-new York Fed. Three Fed staffers must be present when yellow metal is moved or an area opened, to improve a lightbulb even, and no efforts have been made to break in, documents condition.

New York Fed President William Dudley informed a March gathering in Queens, N.Y., that the imaginary raid by drilling through from a subway tunnel in the 1995 movie “Die Hard Using a Vengeance” was far-fetched. 1.75 a pub to move gold but nothing at all to store it; most of the gold is owned by foreign governments.

42.22 per fine Troy ounce, according to the U.S. Mint. The U.S. Federal government keeps the rest in Denver, Fort Knox, Ky., and West Point, N.Y. Elaborate theories build on what the Fed doesn’t say about goings-on in its vault’s 122 compartments. It generally does not report when bars enter or leave and don’t let in outsiders — other than auditors and members — to count the number the pubs or review information. Visitors on vault tours see only a screen sample and can’t verify bars up close. James Turk, a co-founder of Goldmoney, a platinum custodian.

Mr. Turk, located in London, believes much of the gold has been “hypothecated,” or lent out to other celebrations, and then rehypothecated, or lent to multiple parties simultaneously. Some gold bugs — investors bullish on the yellow metallic — think the Fed secretly lends it out to curb prices, partly to safeguard the dollar’s value. In theory, the Fed can feed silver into the market through swaps with other countries.