How To Make Tubes On Paint Shop Pro

How to make Tubes on Paint Shop Pro a tutorial of tubes. These are so much fun to work with. This is how I make pipes on my Paint Shop Pro 7. (Jasc Software) I have no idea if this tutorial will continue to work with other paint shop pros. All the tubes the truth is on our tubes I’ve created from clipart here. I used simple clipart with white backgrounds. You can find lots of free clip art on the Internet. I have so a lot of it, which I gathered years ago and placed on a floppy disk.

Tubes are excellent for changing the look of a photo. I love them for making dividers also. We often need a small divider in Hubpages and this scheduled program will make anything you want. Once you’ve made the tube you can make it as large are as small as you want. Open picture (clipart) from your folder with your clipart.

Increase color to 24 bits by going to COLORS on your Paint Shop Pro, then increase color depth. Many times, the color will be fine and you won’t have to increase. Open the Layer palette by going to sea and down to Tool Bar put a check mark in the Layer palette the coating palette will arrive on your PSP.

To the directly on top is exactly what the layer palette looks like. Background-right click on after that it click promote coating it will then change to at least one 1 history. On the left side of the PSP click on the magic wand. A package will come and you’ll need to mention your pipe up. Once you have done this check your picture tube and see if your new tube is there.

To the right is what a tube appears like. The rose is the pipe I made it quickly wear it the Image Layer. This tutorial is perfect for very easy clipart with very plain background. If you have a busy background, you might not be capable of getting everything off with the magic wand.

That would take another guide. I wanted to offer how to make tubes just. Mom spider and her babies converted to a divider from tubes made on PSP. She is called by me Hilda. The unfortunate thing about Hilda, she actually is a brown recluse. These are extremely simple tubes nothing at all extravagant about them. Easy to use plus they can be put on anything, add tubes to 1 of your photos to beautify them.

I have a hub on dividers I also Paint Shop Pro 7 to make the dividers. Though there are several free dividers on the internet. I also collected many of those but sometimes you just don’t have the right one to go with the topic you’re discussing. Have a look at that and see if it’s something you’ll want to do. It will also clarify how to save the dividers you make.

How To Make Simple Dividers on Paint Shop Pro. Tutorial for make simple dividers with PSP. A divider can be made and a pipe stuck in the center of the divider. The example below with the cat in the middle of the divider I made. The cat is a tube. A favicon can be made for your website. Start to see the big dark H on HubPages beside the web address that is a favicon. 0 of 8192 people usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in feedback, but URLs will be hyperlinked.

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