It Appears That Many Surgeons Are

Most people only browse the first paragraph of a news article and the press takes advantage of that fact, presuming most folks will not read the remaining article in support of a very small percentage will research this article. Therefore, the news press can notify the general public of anything they want to sell, much assuring that their disinformation will strike the target audience pretty.

And regardless of the impressive sounding first paragraph, a decade after an invasive surgery which may cause malnutrition etc, patients approached had only held off 25% of their excess weight. 10 years later, that percentage had only been down a few factors i.e. 47% still experienced high blood circulation pressure, a risk factor for most things including stroke. It appears that many surgeons are, for some good reason, not learning the newer methods like gastric sleeve which is safer than gastric bypass.

And one might question whether surgery is any more a viable option since newer research shows that the hunger centers are in the brain and not in the GI tract. It ought to be observed that Dr Nowzaradan of TLC TV fame, admitted in an honest moment, that 5 years after a gastric bypass the surgery is longer effective as far as weight reduction no.

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