Restart The Computer

This short guide shows how to create Sonar as a Windows Service on Windows. Step 1 1: Download Sonar from the Sonar download website. StartSonar.bat to start Sonar. Step 4 4: Verify it’s running. Open up an internet browser and go to: http://localhost:9000/. Step 5: Setup Sonar to begin as a Windows Service. Step 6: Restart the computer. Step 7: Verify again that it’s running. The Sonar Windows service should start Sonar when the machine boots up. Open up a browser and go to: http://localhost:9000/. For administration features, the Sonar default login/password is admin/admin.

After restarting the computer and checking if Sonar was running, Sonar had not been running. Apparently, Sonar is wanting to write to a temp document and Windows is not allowing it to. In the end failed attempts to create the Temp folder and remove the write protection manually, I finished up solving the issue by configuring the Home window’s Service manually. The Sonar Windows Service’s “user” was LocalSystem by default. I had formed to switch the ongoing service to run under a normal consumer, which set the pressing issue.

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