Is It A Good Company At A Reasonable Price?

Sound bite for Twitter and StockTwits is: Dividend Growth Industrial. I believe it happens to be on the expensive part, but others disagree. The Chairman is offering off shares, however the company increasing their dividends shows confidence in the foreseeable future. I own this stock of TECSYS Inc (TSX-TCS, OTC-TCYSF). I ran across this stock after i was searching for a dividend paying small cap stock as a filler stock. I look at a filler stock to be someone to soak up smaller amounts of investment money that I’ve left over in my account, especially in the TFSA when i have made my main purchase for the year.

When I had been upgrading my spreadsheet, I noticed that they had an earnings loss because their cost of functions went up faster than their revenue. Chairman has been selling off shares and his shares have decline by 40% since 2010. They were down another 6.6% between last year and this 12 months.

The chairman is the only one I could see which has a substantial variety of shares and he currently has 16% of excellent shares. Note that he also keeps shares through his holding company, Dabre Inc. Year ends at April 30 every year Their financial. They began to pay dividends in 2008 and also have been increasing the dividends nicely since. The growth is good (at 15% or over) for days gone by 5, year periods 10 and 11. The Dividend Payout Ratios are too high. Debt Ratios are fine, but all have deteriorated this year.

Even though they have greatly increased their long-term debt, the Long Term Debt/Market Cap s just 0.06, an extremely low value. THE FULL TOTAL Return per 12 months is shown below for years of 5 to 20 to the finish of 2018. Beneath the Capital Gain column is the portion of the full total Return due to capital gains.

Under the Dividend column is the part of the Total Return attributable to dividends. From Years Div. Gth Tot Ret Cap Gain Div. 12.69. This stock price screening suggests that the stock price is expensive relatively. 3.02. The current proportion is 21% above the 10 yr ratio. This stock price testing suggests that the stock price is relatively expensive.

12.69. The existing yield is some 10.4% greater than the historical yield. 7.32. The existing ratio is 31% above the 10 season proportion. This stock price screening shows that the stock price is relatively expensive. Results of stock price assessment is that the stock price would be that the stock is most likely expensive. The P/S Ratio is an excellent test and it shows the stock as expensive.

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The thing would be that the stock price over the past 10 years has been rising faster than the income. The P/B Ratio is also a good ensure that you it also shows the stock as expensive. The only test that presents that the stock as reasonable, is the Dividend Yield test. It is because of the stable increase in dividends. Companies have a tendency to raise the dividends when they may be confident of the future. The corporation is self-confident into the future obviously. On the other hand, the Chairman has been steadily selling off his shares and he could be the only one with a substantial stake in the business.

He may be selling so that all his investments are not in one company, which is a wise move. This is a relevant article about this on Global Newswire. Could it be a good company at an acceptable price? I still think this is an excellent company and I will be holding on to my stocks. However, note that I have a relatively small investment in this company. I will not be buying any more at the moment because I think it might be on the expensive side at the moment. Gabriel Leung of Beacon Securities on CanTech Newsletter disagrees.

When I look at analysts’ suggestions, I find Strong Buy (3), Buy (2) and Hold (1). The consensus will be a Buy. 16.75. Therefore a total return of 33.73% with 31.99% from capital increases and 1.73% from dividends. See what experts say on Stock Chase. They aren’t well followed, but experts such as this ongoing company.

Kris Knutson of Motley Fool loves the corporation. A article writer on Simply Wall Street talks about recent insider buying. What I’ve notice is chairman offering off stocks. A article writer on Simply Wall Street talks about the company’s increased personal debt, but it is within prudent limits still. Elaine Iseri of Trent Times discuss what analysts have been saying about this company recently.