Advice Wanted For Overweight, Out Of Shape, 62-year-old Husband

My spouse and I have had success with monitoring calories, to start with. We use a free application called My Fitness Pal. You enter some basic information and it will inform you the amount of calories allowed each day. Then you just enter the name of foods you take in as you go along through the day and it subtracts from the allowed. If we have had the regular monthly birthday cake at work I might get back and have a salad because I don’t possess many calories remaining for my day.

I can indulge, but to a true point. The other habit that has helped us lose weight is to have zero calorie drinks. My hubby loves his soda but limits it to 1 with lunchtime and one with dinner. I don’t really like artificial sweeteners, but I get sick and tired of plain water.

  • Lean Meats. Fish, Egg and Poultry whites are good options. It packs up protein for muscles
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We reside in a hot dried out environment and need to drink a great deal of water every day. My husband is retired and remains active throughout the house most days quite, not sedentary exactly. He was a shop teacher and car man so has a task heading always. I still work full time but get out either at my morning break or lunch for a walk.

In the summer it is too hot by lunchtime so I have to get out early within my morning break. Sometimes you just have to avoid working for 15 minutes and get a walk. Have he arranged a security alarm on his computer or phone to get right up and walk (down the hall, to the rest room, outside and one lap round the building) every hour, for a few minutes just. I also take the dogs for an instant spin around the block before leaving at 6am. It’s too hot in the summer and too dark in the winter after work to get them.

We also go one night time each month for a movie night and walk the perimeter inside the mall before seating. If we go out for meals, we ask for a box as soon as they bring the food and put half of our foods away before we even start. It makes a great lunch for the next day and is now portion controlled. We rarely eat meat at our house but do not consider ourselves vegetarian.

We love the right bacon, sausage, steaks. But meat is the focus of all meals never. Then your meat is just 25% of the plate, 25% starch (potatoes, rice, bread), and 50% vegetables and fruits. I also make an effort to eat whole grains and have learned to love things like quinoa, brown rice, and legumes. Meal planning for breakfast and lunch time is key for me because I take those two foods with me to work every day. I have a glass of tea and perhaps a piece of toast while getting ready for work.