JUST HOW MUCH Should A Website Cost?

That’s the first question I get asked by a prospect. “How much does it cost? That’s the last question I get asked with a prospect. I’ve asked it. I wager you’ve asked it. It’s a good question; after all, you’ve got to make smart opportunities in your business and you also can’t jump into a project blindly.

But requesting how much a website costs is a bit like calling your contractor and stating, “I’d like you to build me a residence. How much does it cost? To make matters worse, there can be a huge difference between the costs you get from different developers. Is one ridiculous, or the other a scam musician? A person to make a smart decision How’s?

What should a website really cost? I’ll save the effort of reading completely to the end if you’re here for “the answer”: there isn’t one. There isn’t ONE answer for the same reason there isn’t ONE website that looks, functions and evolves like almost every other website. There are a few very real and relevant things that you should consider and some things to know about how pricing works.

Read on to get the within scoop so that before you ask the question the next time, you’ll be armed with information. The Preamble: Where Does The Cost Of A Website RESULT FROM? Within a DIY world, most non-developers don’t understand the ongoing work that goes into creating a website. There are plenty of tools that enable you to drag-and-drop the right path for an online presence in a couple of hours and call it a website. That’s not the type of site I’m talking about. I’m discussing a website that reflects your business, your targets, your brand.

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I’m discussing a website that adds value and is a strong tool in your marketing arsenal. One which is optimized for search. One which works across browsers and os’s. 49.00 and now you’re obliged to perpetually advertise someone else’s brand. So assuming we’re not talking drag-and-drop, “stick your logo here” types of websites, let’s talk briefly about what goes into building one. Content. Whether you pen a few paragraphs or hire you to definitely take action, it’s got to be written, arranged, keyword optimized, human being optimized, spell-checked and proofread. Photos. Whether they’re original or stock, someone has to find, organize, retouch and properly size and output them for web.

Design. There’s high end custom and there’s minimal, but someone has to consider colors, fonts, images and exactly how they all ongoing use your brand. Structure. Someone must think about pages, navigation and usability, and the ultimate way to get users from here to there. Layout. Headers, footers, sidebars, call-outs, pull quotes, opt-in containers, social icons. These exact things don’t magically place themselves on the web page, nor should they be stuck somewhere haphazardly.